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Dark Crystal Turkeys

Turkeys circling a dead cat in the middle of the road, of a subdivision stirred up quite a chatter on social media today. Though they are not engaged in some dark ceremony – I like the think they are performing the Great Conjunction ceremony of the Dark Crystal, casting a spell upon the Cat Kingdom.  It appeals to my ‘inner-Tim-Burtonesque’ sensibilities.

However, in reality, the boring but truthful explanation is more likely a predator/prey action.  The turkeys saw the cat – being on their way of normal travel – as a potential threat and were just looking to see if it would ‘waken’ and become a real threat.  So they just circled it to monitor its effect on the situation.  No movement, they will eventually move on in their previous straight line formation. If movement … well, if that happens then WE’LL ALL run for the woods!!    –O’fieldstream